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Co Loa
Location: Colonial Co Loa commune, Dong Anh District, located on the National Highway No. 3, from the center of Hanoi, 17km to the north.

This is the land capital of the Au Lac, the III century BC, of An Duong Vuong dynasty and was the first capital of the feudal state independent of the King Ngo Quyen in 939.
One Pillar Pagoda
One Pillar Pagoda whose letter was Dien Huu (long blessings) was built in 1049 at King Ly Thai Tong. Legend of King Ly Thai Tong when he was older that no son should be king often to the temple to pray for themselves. One night he dreamed that Guan Yin Buddha appears a lotus lake in the west square of Thang Long, was holding her son gives the king. Soon after the queen had a son. The king is the One Pillar Pagoda erected appearance as seen in a dream to worship Buddha Avalokitesvara.
Ho tay
wider area of ​​500 ha with a history thousands of years. Ring road 17km long lake is a lake view also dropped the old Red River after river diversion. Hu also called high precision (fine life legend Huli Au Lac), Buffalo Gold (Khong Lo legend). According to bibliography, the 11th century, this lake go down in history with the name Dam Dam (Dam misty), to the 15th century it was known as West Lake. Hu also called Lang Bac
Van Mieu - Quoc Tu Giam
Temple of Literature was built in October 1070, worship Confucius, the Confucian sages and Tu Quoc Tu Giam career Chu Van An, the typical teacher of religious and moral importance of education in Vietnam. 1076, the Imperial Academy to be built adjacent to the Temple of Literature, initial placement of the prince, after expanding the students receive good the galaxy. Le Quoc Tu Giam School, is a contemporary university.
Hoan Kiem Lake, Ngoc Son Temple, The Huc Bridge, Tower Pen, Radio Research
Hoan Kiem Lake is reached the heart of Hanoi. Previously called Luc Thuy lake because the water year round green color. 15th century, it was renamed Lake Hoan Kiem Lake. Hoan Kiem names associated with the story of the golden turtle return his sword to King Le Thai To.
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