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About VietNam
Area: 331,114 km2
Population: 80,902,400 inhabitants (2003)
Capital: Hanoi
Ethnicity: 87% Vietnamese, 11% minority and 2% of U.S.
Language: Vietnamese
Religion: Buddhism, Confucianism, Christianity etc..
GDP: U.S. $ 33.7 billion (2003)
GDP per capita: U.S. $ 485 (2003)
Export (2003): crude oil, textiles, seafood, footwear, rice, coffee vv.Mat imports (2003): petroleum, textiles, steel, etc..
Geographical location
Vietnam is a country located east of the Indochina peninsula has a total area of ​​331,114 km2, bordered to the north of China, bordering Laos and western Cambodia, adjacent to the eastern South China Sea, east and south adjacent to the Thai Binh Duong. In this position, Vietnam is an important transport junction between the Indian Ocean and Pacific Oceans.
Climate and resource
Characteristics of the climate in Vietnam is monsoonal, with some sunny days, rainfall, and high humidity. Although located in tropical and subtropical countries, Vietnam has a diverse climate due to the difference in longitude and latitude. Winter can be very cold in the north, while in the south has equatorial heat, warm all year round.
Vietnam has many mineral resources. Located deep in the earth are the precious stones, coal, and many valuable minerals such as tin, zinc, silver, gold, and antimony. Both onshore and offshore oil and gas are very large reserves.
People and language
Vietnam has more than 80 million people with 54 different nationalities. The Vietnamese (or Kinh) accounted for 80% of the population. Vietnamese is the official language in Vietnam and as a means to mount a strong community. Many foreign languages ​​like English, French, Russian, Chinese, German is used in international transactions.
The renovation started in 1986 has led to many great victories and achievements in the economy of Vietnam. Economic growth, the lives of the people of Vietnam have been improved significantly. 1995 Vietnam officially joined the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). It is a favorable condition for economic development and integration into the region and the world.
Currently, Vietnam's economic development in many areas, from export to foreign investment, attracting international tourists. Industrial production, agriculture continued to maintain high growth rates and became more stable. According to the latest report of the World Bank (published on 11.09.2004), the economic growth of Vietnam in 2004 is forecast at 7.2%, ranked 4th in the world.
Administrative system:
Vietnam is a national-socialist regime by the Vietnam Communist Party leadership, peace and stability. The National Assembly is the highest organ of power, have the option of the President and the Prime Minister. Government consists of the ministries and ministerial-level agencies.
Regarding administrative units, Vietnam has 64 provinces. People's Committees and People's Council is the level of state management agencies in the provinces and the lower administrative units.
Geography Vietnam covers 3 regions: North, Central, Nam.Voi characteristics and food culture in different regions
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